Branding - Graphic Design - Events
Wargaming Europe - 2013

I created all sorts of design for both our booth (B2C & B2B), also all the communication inside the event hall and in the city of Cologne.

Inside the city we had different communication support from billboards to the bus that was driving the employees from the hotel to the event hall and the other way around.
On the B2C booth, I worked on the branding of the gaming station with monitor card with the website of the game, gaming instructions, branding of the goodie bag and its content, design of the survey app and also all the staff gear like the tshirt design, the name tags and also the design of the wargaming party entrance bracelet:
For the B2B I design invite code card, branded usb keys, did the signaletic and the branding of the drinking cups:
This year the company had an eSport booth that I completely branded:
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