This is my final project for my master degree at Gobelins. I worked on this with another graphic designer and two developers, together we worked on the concept, the game design, all the ux and ui, the illustrations and the development of the app.
To created this our based question was: How can we enrich the board game experience through physical/numerical interactions ?
The use of real pawn and a physical board brings the players together around a table and keep that social link that’s very important in physical games. The phone brings new ways of playing, simplify the points counting, randomise actions, two players can secretly communicate, ambiant sounds and it makes the game easier to start: no more half an hour reading the rules, the tutorial is directly integrated and appears as soon as a new interaction comes up. The addition of the AI that the smartphone brings, offers many new possibilities to the board game.

Our target audience
You will have to keep in mind that we are in 2012 and that the number we found are for that period of time.
After submitting a wide audience to a questionary, we can estimate that our age target is between 18 and 45 years old. The possession of a smartphone is around 18 years old. The attraction for new gaming experiences and new technologies is a generation phenomenon, it mainly affects people under the age of 45-50.

Still based on our studies we defined, three different profils gaming habits:
Our inspiration
The smartphone is perfect to implement very different phases inside the game. So we had this desire to create an adventure game that would be like an Indiana Jones movie when he enters a forgotten place to find a treasure. He then faces obstacles, collaborate with his fellow adventurer. Sometimes, some of them even betray him. Once he takes the treasure, the all place falls apart and he has to run out and obviously some people don't make it out. The only difference in our story is that they might not find the treasure, after a certain number of rounds the place will fall apart but before that a player might do an action that makes it happened.

The Story
The few writings found in the djinns’ city relate that Shadukiam was the healthiest and most beautiful place in the world.
His people, wanted to protect his city from the desires it aroused and chose to bury it in the desert. Number of buried treasures remained hidden beneath this ocean of sand for so long… until today.
Welcome to Shadukiam the wonderful city of the Djinns. Our path splits here, you will walk alone in the ruins of the palace, be strategic and use of malice in order your quest of treasure.
Be aware, djinns always lurking in the palace and will not facilitate your progress.
Thanks to ePawn and their « screenless » technologie, that works through the creation of a wifi network, the pawns were able to communicate their position to the app.

Thank you for watching!
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