Motion Design - Social Network - Information visualisation
Ministère de l'Europe et des Affaires Étrangères - 2019

Some motion I made during my contract with the French Foreign Ministry all of them where created to be shared on the social networks.

➦ Motion created around the number 10 corresponding to different events happening on the social networks: 10 years of the twitter account, 10 000 youtube subscriber and 100 000 Linkedin subscriber.
➦ The next one, is part of a series of motion called "On this day", celebrating a diplomatic historical event. For this one, for the 100th anniversary of the treaty of Versailles, we decided to concentrate on the the foundation of the International Labour Organization.
➦ Series of informative Gifs on the role of the european parlement to encourage French citizens living abroad to vote. .
➦ This is the fake friends series, created for the Russian account. Russian language uses some french words but they don't have the same meaning.
➦ FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019 - Welcome to France gif.
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